SINOTREND CONSULTING is a member of the most important, representative and active organisations developing business and lobbying in European and Chinese business environments.

As a membre of these organisations, SINOTREND CONSULTING benefits from a very useful and rich commercial network as well as a high-level platform which enables the exchange of information concerning sensitive issues (economic intelligence) and sectorial issues (tariff problems, logistical issues, complying with legislations, etc..) SINOTREND CONSULTING also communicates its expertise by organising and actively participating in conferences and seminars on general or specific themes related to the Chinese market.

Olivier CANDIOTTI, due to his former functions as the Economic and Commercial Counselor and the Head of the Economic Mission in China, can therefore share his experience of over four years during which he organised and hosted over one hundred events which had a resounding effect in the business community (on topics related to the environment, health, nuclear energy, counterfeit products, agribusiness markets, the introduction of new investment areas, economic forecasting analysis, and with a SME forum held in September 2005 attracting 170 French companies, etc..)