SINOTREND CONSULTING customers are both European and Chinese.

Our European customers include large international companies already active on international markets, present in China or seeking to establish a presence in China, medium-sized industrial companies or distributors, family-run firms and semi-public groups.

Multinational firms or large groups come to us to review their China strategy, establish a presence in China or Hong Kong, or optimise their procurement policies.

Internationally active SMEs come to us to exploit Chinese / Hong Kong markets and expand their business networks.

SINOTREND CONSULTING has also developed a highly selective portfolio of SMEs in some targeted areas with strong strategic demand in China, with eventual issues about location and/or technology transfer etc… 

We have also served semi-public institutions thanks to our extensive local institutional network and our capacity in dealing with complicated issues.

Companies facing a "Chinese problem" can rely on our experience, expertise and professionalism, whether it concerns establishing an industrial presence, purchasing, developing sales or multicultural management.

SINOTREND CONSULTING is also privileged to be recognised by Chinese firms, mostly large industrial companies or distributors. Interested in being introduced to French businesses and institutions, they are willing to reflect upon their international expansion strategy beyond their current trading activity, to set-up a heavier presence in France or in Europe so as to enter into strategic relationships with European partners on targeted niches to distribute brands or technologies from France or even Europe.