HR advice and coaching

■  Learning Expedition

A "Learning Expedition" is a mission to explore the Chinese market organised around a specific theme.

Our "Learning Expeditions" last on average from 5 to 7 days and are intended for a limited group of companies (operating in the same industry sector) or for large companies and SMEs who wish:
>  to update their strategic vision
>  to acquire a "Chinese vision"
> to better understand and appreciate the status of the Chinese market and its characteristics (strengths and weaknesses)
>  to train executives known as having a high potential for globalisation

The "Fundamentals" of our Learning Expeditions (LE):
>  a targeted business sector
>  a group of 10 companies at most
>  a complete preparatory file together with a "kick off" in France with the LE participants
>  a program consisting of visits to enterprises and exhibitions, b2b appointments, discussions with professional associations, government authorities, development poles and various organisations
>  conferences, workshops, exchanges with experts
>  a final progress meeting in France and a review of the LE

Our Learning Expeditions (LE) are intended not only for companies but also for professional associations, institutes, MBA programs or medical companies.

  Recruitment and Coaching

A key component of a successful operation in China, the "Human Resources" component, is not always well understood by enterprises that set up in China. We have developed an expertise in customised recruitment. On the basis of predefined specifications, we are able to ensure the entire pre-recruitment process:

>  Publication and targeted circulation of offers
>  Parallel activation of our "pool"
>  Pre-selection and rounds of interviews
>  Pre-qualification for final interviews by the client

Following the recruitment, we can train the new employee for a successful integration within your company thanks to our multicultural know-how. Personalised coaching allows an optimal integration, important in the initial stages of an operation.

We also offer consulting services on the "payroll system" and on fundamental management issues (accounting and administration) for launching your operation.

■   Intercultural Training

We organise intercultural training (seminars, training, coaching ...) dedicated to French and European companies which are confronted with intercultural management on a daily basis.

These trainings are aimed to:

Manage efficiently multicultural teams and international teams
>  Handle negotiations with customers or Chinese partners
>  Master key concepts in the Chinese business environment to achieve a premature position in business communications
>  Successfully bring together businesses from different cultures in the initial stages of M&As and partnerships
>  Establish a policy for the management of cultural diversity, both national and international

Our services in this area cover:

>  The organisation of Seminars, from one to three days, allowing to:
    →Understand the key concepts of Chinese thought (for leaders and all people in contact with Chinese partners)
    →Carry out commercial missions in China (for any executive responsible for purchasing, sales, development, etc.. Negotiating with those Chinese partners)
>  The organisation of Training, from seven to ten days, with programs based on your needs and issues related to your approach of the Chinese market.
>  Coachingto accompany your managers and associates in developing their full potential through intercultural understanding and over a period of time.