Integrated sourcing solutions

Our experience shows that procurement policies implemented in China often lack "performance" and "renewal" and that there is space for improvement.

■  Sector mapping and sourcing

On the basis of precise specifications and according to your goals:
>  We qualify suppliers (using a matrix of key criteria)
>  We ensure the complete supply chain, conduct field visits, select suppliers, ensure monitoring and quality control
>  We build long-term and high quality subcontracting thanks to our engineers and buyers
>  We define an optimal supply chain policy in the initial stages of the industrial set-up
>  Supplier management

We have buyers specialised in all sectors and willing to contribute their industry expertise to  minimise your purchasing costs.

■  Optimising procurement

We have developed an expertise in optimising procurement policies:

>  Review of the current purchasing policy
>  Identification and introduction of new sources of supply
>  Flow optimisation
>  Coaching teams of buyers
>  Performance evaluation tools
>  Innovative optimisation formulas on financial and taxation aspects
>  Offshorisation modeles

■  Purchasing office

To ensure the follow-up of purchases, we can create a local purchasing office with the recruitment, if necessary, of a person in charge of "purchasing". We also provide all the administrative services related to your purchasing office inside our structure or independently.