Integrated sourcing solutions


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■   Security Equipment
Profil : European distributor of a specific range of security equipment with a turnover of 15 million euros.
Objective: To establish a purchasing office in China and optimize its procurement
value chain.

Our achievements :

※Setting up the China Purchasing Office within SINOTREND by providing the expertise of professional buyers of SINOTREND CONSULTING
※Definition of annual procurement policy
※Searching new suppliers
※Evaluation of existing suppliers
※Management of suppliers
※Production follow-up and quality audit before expedition


Solar energy equipment
Background: Wholesalers operating in Nigeria, Spain and Algeria seeking to buy solar equipment and global solutions in China.

Our achievements:

※ Identification of suppliers
※ Submission of competitive offers to customers
※ Supplier Audit
※ Quality control


Sourcing center for an industrial group inside SINOTREND
Background: A client of SINOTREND sought to carry out his sourcing activities in China on a minimal budget, for the purpose of optimising costs during a period of heavy investment in China.

Our achievements:
※Following the recruitment of a Purchasing Manager, SINOTREND assisted and coordinated sectorial monitoring, visiting and auditing suppliers for its customer
※Hosting the sourcing center and reducing the burden of administrative work for our client
※Hosting the sourcing center for one year before the Purchasing Manager integrated his new organisation