Marketing in China

■  Market study / Mapping

In the perspective of developing your sales network in China, all our market studies are "custom-made" in order to:

> Know and quantify your market
>  Understand local practices (concept of agents, franchise, under franchise)
>  Quantify and qualify the players by a targeted mapping
>  Evaluate the access and distribution channels and evaluate the best approach
>  Assess the cost of a development approach of a commercial network
>  Analyse the risks and benefits or disadvantages of an independent approach

Our market studies are aimed at providing you with all the key information necessary to meet your business development objectives in China.

■  Strategic advice

In terms of strategic advice, we are able to carry out strategic positioning studies that will allow you to compare your current strategy (and possibly that of your partner) to be sure to choose the best approach to the Chinese market.

In the form of a very operational "strategic memo", we address the following topics along with general recommendations:

Market analysis (structure, quantification, location and evolution of the customers), competition analysis (main companies, foreign brands, etc.), distribution mode analysis, and price benchmarking of similar offers
>  Assistance in the determination of relevant product lines, of price positioning and in the definition of an optimum concept
>  Identification of the first sales location(s), that is to say, the cities / areas / points of sale in line with your goals
>  Assistance in the analysis of regulatory conditions and barriers to entry
>  Development of a network, independently or with partners
>  Elements for protecting intellectual property
>  Definition of a marketing strategy in accordance with market characteristics
>  Assessment of market prospects and your future market share
>  Defining performance objectives
>  Establishing ad hoc reporting by activity and monthly guidance meetings to follow the accomplishment of your goals and provide you with necessary support
>  Tracking relationships with the government, if necessary

■  Identification and qualification of partners (agents, franchisees, etc.)

SINOTREND CONSULTING has developed a recognised expertise in finding qualified "partners" to distribute your products or equipment.

We offer our customers research missions to find Master Franchisee / regional Franchisees (in the so-called provincial cities) for the distribution of your brand or distribution agents for your equipment. We are committed to identifying serious potential partners, according to strict criteria: brand image, expertise in your industrial sector, references, desire, financial capacity, strategy in the definition of a market share plan, etc.