Our methods

Constitution of sophisticated data from multiple sources

Our sectorial analyses are augmented with a combined analysis of primary data, secondary data and field studies.

The data used and processed by SINOTREND CONSULTING is gathered from multiple sources:

  • National and governmental statistics (MOFCOM, National Bureau of Statistics, China Customs, China Economic Information Network, CCERDATA, etc.)
  • International data (Datamonitor, Factiva, ISI Emerging Market, Euromonitor, EIU, etc.)
  • Annual reports published by public corporations
  • Libraries and databases specialised in business intelligence
  • International and domestic trade associations
  • Reports published by professional associations

With tools developed by our experts and a cross-verification matrix, we compare data, eliminate inconsistent or irrelevant information, and form the basis of our quantitative analysis which aims to be the most precise and accurate in a Chinese environment where the implementation of statistics and the gathering of information cannot be taken literally.

Activation of our network of sectorial experts

Whilst collecting and analysing secondary data, we simultaneously activate our network of sectorial experts and conduct interviews with the leaders of different sectors.

These “tailored interviews” (sometimes several interviews with one contact) serve to collect informed opinions from leaders in the sector. However, we do not base our judgments on their views; we digest and interpret the most relevant message and information which leads to deeper and more analytical research.

Beyond the interviews, we also exchange (in a less formal manner) with the directors and executives of economic decision-making institutions to gather the most relevant information that allows us to anticipate changes in the various sectors.

Field work

To collect the most realistic information, as part of our services, we are mobilised all over China to:

  • Build a field grid by visits to specialised fairs and markets, unannounced visits to facilities, important companies in a given sector and competitors
  • Gain an overall insight into local governments, etc.

In particular, for our clients’ investment projects, field work is the fundamental and principle source to form our evaluation matrix.

  Steering the interaction with our clients

We involve our clients as much as possible in our work through systematic exchanges (e.g. monthly reports or monthly meetings.)

We must emphasise the importance of this interaction with our clients as it helps them feel “on board” and contributes in providing us with key information. We communicate with our clients at each step of the mission so that they can observe the results of our analyses and share with us their thoughts. We define with our clients the most optimal strategy and present several strategic scenarios - decisions to make, arbitrations, solutions, etc..

This interaction with the client is important for our team to implement the solutions agreed upon and more forward the decision process.