Our Partners

To better ensure the implementation of Chinese and French companies, SINOTREND CONSULTING has established close and officials partnerships with several investment promoting organisations in France and China.


Trade and Economic Promotion Bureau of Shunde

Shunde (Foshan City, Guangdong Province) is undoubtedly the capital of the Chinese household appliance industry but also an important economic hub for various industries and high technologies. The “Trade and Economic Promotion Bureau of Shunde” is one of the most dynamic, active and modern organisations China, providing services to Europeans investors and facilitating cooperation between China and Europe. Learn more

Michel TESTARD, the Founder & Managing director of TRINITY PARTNERSHIP. Created in 1996 in London, Trinity Partnership focuses the company on the Euro-India opportunity.





Bespoke services offering effective advice to decision makers from strategy formulation to implementation in the field. Strategic planning and « business models », piloting innovation, assistance in decision making, partnerships, practical advice on whether to « make or buy », international development (sourcing, exporting, implementation), and external growth... Our consulting and coaching services are focused on delivering results. Learn more