Our strengths

Sophisticated, relevant and objective analysis

Our team consists of experts and specialists of the Chinese market and the distribution sector, all recognised amidst their professional communities and active in the world of business.

We master a set of sophisticated databases – from China and from overseas - on which we found our quantitative analyses. We have also developed techniques to merge overlapping information, validate content and delete unreliable or irrelevant information. In addition, our field work (interviews or visits) allows us to collect information and data that is deeper and closer to the reality of the market.

Our active interventions at high-level economic forums and during sectorial seminars, along  with our extensive networks both in the industry and within Chinese institutions and government agencies contribute to an important part of our precise knowledge and sophisticated vision of the market.

Integrated and tailored solutions

We fully appreciate that our clients’ goals and ambitions are varied, that they differ depending on market conditions and issues, and that the Chinese market means the concept of “tailored strategies” is more important than ever. Our solutions and recommendations take into full account the particularities of our clients' development ambitions so as to facilitate operations whilst avoiding complicated models of poor readability.

The integration of our services can be presented as following:

  • Tailored and detailed strategic analysis + recommendations + action plans + project implementation support. We offer a “service package” in order to carry out your project.
  • In addition, the integration of our services is based on our ability to take into account parameters such as legislation, taxation, human resources and commercial operations which are required to develop a business on a new market.

This integration allows our customers to manage all important aspects of their development project, without doubt the only path to success.

A wide network that covers the integrality of China

Our network covers the whole of China thanks to our presence in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

These different locations allow us:

  • To have a flexible platform to control and manage our clients’ activities from Hong Kong;
  • To closely monitor the developments and regulatory policies issued by the Chinese Central government and inform our customers of the strategic adjustments required owing to the changes in the political “climate”;
  • To master and have a vision of industrial and economic structures but also to monitor the trends in new consumerism (PRD-Pear River Delta & YRD-Yangtze River Delta- two regions which weigh a good third of the Chinese economy).

Besides these 4 strategic centers, we receive the most up-to-date information from across China in a number of different sectors.

Our network of expert partners consists of industrials operating in the most representative companies and public and parastatalinstitutions (CAAC, financial sector, Bureau of Trade and Industry, Trade Committee, professional associations, local governments, etc.) This network was established during our employment in previous positions and professional practices. It now allows us (1) to stay in close contact with leaders of the sector and (2) to capture the most sophisticated and strategic views of the sector and of the public sphere.

Ability in processing complex issues

It is easy to list the so-called “Chinese complexities” which we have encountered in our previous professional experience. We can cite amongst others:

  • Difficulties in identifying decision makers, unclear structures in Chinese institutions or even within Chinese companies, lack of transparency at the decision level, excessive reliance on one or two people from the General Direction often resulting in difficulties identifying operational contacts, protection of local industries, excessive confidence in local companies leading to imbalanced negotiation power between European and Chinese companies, ambiguity or sudden change in the law and regulations, etc..

Our overall abilities in processing these issues are based on our experience in China and the strength of our Chinese associates and experts.