Representation and lobbying

■   Representation Services

Before establishing a formal structure in China, it is common that French or European companies and economic organisations (such as professional associations, universities and medical organisations, etc.) wish to see their activities represented on the Chinese market. 

In this regard, SINOTREND CONSULTING offers representation services to its customers to explore and exploit the Chinese market on their behalf: this facility allows customers to establish a presence on the market without investing significant funds. We assure this representation by providing our customers with our address book and our expertise in business approach and lobbying; we recruit, if necessary, appropriate associates.

We are able to steer our client's operations on the Chinese market by overseeing the chosen strategy, ensuring market exploration and commercial monitoring or controlling and animating your sales network. We have offices available within a flexible and inexpensive framework that can be immediately operational. We can establish and host your representative office in China.

■  Targeted lobbying

According to specifications determined by mutual agreement and taking into account the strategy retained in China, SINOTREND CONSULTING is able to carry out targeted lobbying activities with the aim of better positioning your company within key institutions and organisations in China where it is essential to know and to "practice". These "tailored" lobbying missions aim to establish your presence in China with partners and structures who have the ability to exclude you or ignore your recommendations (for example your standards) if they do not know you.

These actions are carried out by Olivier CANDIOTTI, Associate, former Economic and Commercial Counselor and Head of the Economic Mission in China.