Setting up in China

Etude de faisabilite;Conseil Strategique;Mise en oeuvre; Pilotage de I'Operation-Sinotrend Consulting

■  Feasibility study

Our feasibility studies are all "tailored" to :

Evaluate the challenges of the Chinese market
>  Understand and quantify the market
>  Quantify and qualify the players
>  Evaluate market entry channels
>  Carry out risk assessment

These studies provide you with key information and a pertinent analysis, answering your questions about setting up in China - yes or no? If so, how? The core contents of these studies are:

>  Market segmentation and quantification
>  Competitor analysis - quantification and qualification of local, foreign players, and new entrants,
mapping of entry channels into the Chinese market sectors according to investment
>  Analysis of commercial networks (distributors, partners, purchasing advisors, investors …)
>  Analysis of prices and market conditions (analysis of key success factors in terms of commercial and marketing strategy)
>  Analysis of regulatory conditions and barriers to entry
>  Risk Analysis
>  IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) issues
>  Tax optimisation
>  Comparison of different implementation scenarios

■  Strategic advice

Strategic advice here means a targeted and operational answer to the scope statement given by our clients and augmented with recommendations.

The core contents are:

>  Updating positioning graphs (industrial, commercial, legal, or tax, with or without a local partner) in the light of recent developments
>  Defining business objectives
>  Vulnerability analyses in preparation for an investment in China
>  Securing / improving performance and competitiveness
>  Selecting investment areas or industrial parks according to the customer' strategic criteria
>  Recommendation of optimal structures on the legal, tax and operational level
>  Analyses, identification, qualification and selection of partners (industry, services, distributors, agents …)
>  Elements for securing intellectual property
>  Comparing different implementation scenarios
>  Identifying acquisition targets, study of synergies, integration schemes before and after acquisition

For implementing projects from scratch, we have developed a specific tool – a "matrix" – to  compare the locations the best suited to your project:

>  Presence or not of an efficient subcontracting chain and / or qualified suppliers
>  Infrastructure (grid road, rail, ports, airports …)
>  Local preferential policies and taxation policies ad hoc related to new laws (Beijing)
>  Availability and energy costs (water, electricity, gas …)
>  "Human Resources" component (available manpower and skills, presence of training centers, of universities, etc.)
>  Living conditions for non-Chinese and Chinese employees
>  Attitude and effectiveness of local governments

For joint venture or partnership projects, we have developed a tool for the final qualification of the partner:

>  Location
>  Working in the same industry and willing to strengthen its positions or investor
>  Already positioned in your market or willing to strengthen a new position
>  Financial situation
>  Technical and industrial capacities and know-how
>  Level of political connections and recognition in its field of activities

■ Implementation

We offer personalised services to support your implementation project.

Assistance in setting up a Joint Venture:

>  Negotiations with partners who have been pre-qualified
>  Qualification and final selection of the partner according to key criteria
>  Defining the terms of the Joint Venture or partnership
Assistance in the final Joint Venture or partnership negotiations
>  Editing and reviewing the Business Plan

Assistance in setting up a WOFE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise):

>  Negotiations with local authorities (land, energy, various aid, etc.)
>  Final selection of the location that matches your specific criteria
>  Determining the legal structure to retain and advancing optimised legal and tax scenarios

>  Complete editing of your Business Plan with your project team
>  Critical proofreading of the Business Plan - reviewing details and validating key data
>  Implementation of the structure with assistance in its finale registration

 ■  Steering your structure

We participate in the implementation of investment and monitoring procedures:

Specialised mapping of legal and regulatory conditions (taxes, licenses, permits ad hoc, integration of the "technology transfer" component, etc.)
>  Local recruitment based on our customers' criteria and values
>  Overlookingthe execution of contracts and providing guidance in the first months in China 
>  Back office services before the structure becomes operational